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Syntax: background: <value>
Possible Values: <background-color> || <background-image> || <background-repeat> || <background-attachment> || <background-position>
Initial Value: Not defined
Applies to: All elements
Inherited: No

The background property is a shorthand for the more specific background-related properties. Some examples of background declarations follow:

BODY       { background: white url( }
BLOCKQUOTE { background: #7fffd4 }
P          { background: url(../backgrounds/pawn.png) #f0f8ff fixed }
TABLE      { background: #0c0 url(leaves.jpg) no-repeat bottom right }

A value not specified will receive its initial value. For example, in the first three rules above, the background-position property will be set to 0% 0%.

To help avoid conflicts with user style sheets, background and color properties should always be specified together.

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