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Formulae for Constant Angular Acceleration

In analogy with linear motion, when the angular acceleration, $\alpha$ , is constant, we have:
$\displaystyle\omega$ - $\displaystyle\omega_{0}^{}$ = $\displaystyle\alpha$t (8)
$\displaystyle\theta$ - $\displaystyle\theta_{0}^{}$ = $\displaystyle\omega_{0}^{}$t + $\displaystyle{1\over 2}$$\displaystyle\alpha$t 2 (9)
$\displaystyle\omega^{2}_{}$ - = 2$\displaystyle\alpha$($\displaystyle\theta$ - $\displaystyle\theta_{0}^{}$). (10)
In the above equations, $\theta_{0}^{}$ and $\omega_{0}^{}$ are the angular position and angular velocity of the rigid body at t = 0 . These can be compared to the analogous formulae for linear motion, namely Eqs.(2.5)-(2.7).