Installing UNIXhelp locally

UNIXhelp is available for anybody to use on the World Wide Web. However if you are based outside Edinburgh, you may find each page slow to load across the network. We would recommend installing a copy at your local site.

There may already be a UNIXhelp mirror site near you. If not, you may obtain the source files for the product by anonymous ftp. The main distribution site appears below but there may be an mirror of the distribution closer to you.


	Directory: pub/unixhelp

	Filename:  UNIXhelp1.3.2.tar.Z

	Size:      380K

	Format:    Compressed tar file

If your browser supports a binary file transfer mode you may download the source directly from this page.

You are encouraged to customise your local version of UNIXhelp. Detailed instructions are included with the distribution. If you author additional pages for mailers, editors or other utilities, please consider making these available for inclusion in future releases. Contact the UNIXhelp maintainer if you can help.

The Copyright for the UNIXhelp deliverables rests with the Computing Services of the University of Edinburgh. The deliverables may be reproduced and used freely for non-commercial purposes, provided that this and any other copyright notices are reproduced therein.

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