On-line UNIX manual pages

The format and effects of commands can differ slightly between particular variants of the UNIX operating system. From here you can view the current manual pages for the machine which holds these UNIXhelp pages. This may not be the same machine that you use for your everyday work.

Mostly commands work in the same way from machine to machine. However for fine details you may wish to view the manual page on your local machine.

Many thanks to Panagiotis J. Christias (christia@theseas.ntua.gr) for his script to format these pages.

Select a letter to display the command names that begin with that letter. Selecting a command name displays the manual page for that command.

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Important Note

Manual pages are proprietary information and are copyrighted to the manufacturer of each operating system. The owner of this UNIXhelp server may not have permission to give you a copy of their manual pages. If you get an error message instead of your desired manual page, you will have to view the page locally instead.

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