VMS to UNIX Translation

To ...                      VMS                     UNIX

display list of files DIRECTORY ls DIRECTORY/FULL ls -l display contents of file TYPE cat display file with pauses TYPE/PAGE more, less display first few lines of file head display last few lines of file tail copy file COPY cp find string in file SEARCH grep fgrep compare files DIFF diff cmp rename file RENAME mv delete file or directory DELETE rm rmdir change file protection SET FILE/PROT chmod change file ownership SET FILE/OWNER chown chgrp create directory CREATE/DIR mkdir change working directory SET DEFAULT cd display working directory SHOW DEFAULT pwd get help HELP man apropos display date and time SHOW TIME date display free disk space SHOW DEV df stop process STOP kill link program modules LINK ld print file PRINT lpr display print queue SHOW QUEUE lpq display print entries SHOW ENTRY lpq change password SET PASSWORD passwd display logged-in users SHOW USERS who finger w display processes SHOW PROCESS ps change terminal settings SET TERMINAL stty talk to another user PHONE talk disable messages SET NOBROADCAST mesg n

Thanks to Dave Atkin at the University of York for permission to adapt his VMS/Unix translation.

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